+ GMOPN Working Groups

Our three Working Groups cover: 

+ Housing & Neighbourhoods

+ Transport & Out and About

+ Health & Social Care


The Working Groups offer older people the opportunity to discuss the issues that matter to them. Our groups meet every two months and are a way for the network to engage with bigger pieces of work going on in Greater Manchester. Please contact us if you'd like to join a Working Group.

+ Housing & Neighbourhoods Working Group

Chair - Judie Collins

The Housing Working Group meets every 6 – 8 weeks. Recently, we have been reviewing the focus of the group to determine in the light of people’s current priorities. We have also discussed changing the name of the Housing Working Group to include older people and their connection to where they live as this. This wider aspect of homes within communities is already forming part of our work, with discussions on green space, facilities ,what links people to their neighbourhoods and the barriers to engaging. Housing topics have included downsizing, design and housing options. We have worked extensively with Care and Repair, and supporting people to stay safe and well in their homes remains high on our agenda. We are hoping to start an exciting piece of research soon about housing options. Each borough in Greater Manchester is very different and we are anxious that all voices are heard. Do come and join us and share the views from your area.

Image by Merve Selcuk Simsek

+ Transport & Out and About Working Group

Chair - Colin Bayley

We know from our own research and wider studies that transport is often the top concern for older people. In our Transport working group we have worked extensively with Transport for Greater Manchester, highlighting the key issues for older people, recently looking at Clean Air Proposals and the future of Buses, as well as sharing concerns around COVID-safety. Our group members come from across Greater Manchester and we benefit from the knowledge of projects and initiatives taking place in all the boroughs. Our meetings are currently taking place on zoom which although a challenge for some people, has also made it easier from people from outer boroughs to attend, without having to travel into Manchester city centre. We held an event on Transport in 2018 and produced a report and recommendations afterwards. We revisit these recommendations in the group but have found that some priorities are changing with the challenges of the pandemic. We always welcome new members who would like to get their voices heard and work for positive change.


+ Health and Social Care

Chair - Gillian Stainthorpe

The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network’s Health and Social Care Working Group was established in 2019. The group is composed of members of the Steering Group and Network Members drawn from various areas of Greater Manchester and was initially formed as a result of members raising a whole raft of issues and concerns that were of particular importance to our members.


Members of the group are also sometimes involved in other Health Organisations such as Healthwatch, Patient Panels in GP surgeries and with NWAS and also a Governor of a Hospital Trust. Some worked in the Health Service and others have experience as carers or patients with long term conditions. This range of experience alongside lived experience gives the working group an enviable combination of skills that inform discussion and direction of the group.


Within a short period of time the working group has forged good working relationships with a number of key organisations such as The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, Manchester University Healthy Ageing Research Group, Manchester Foundation Trust, GM Nutrition and Hydration Programme and Dementia United.


We have been consulted about a number of important projects by these bodies including the booklets “Eating Well Affordably”, “Managing Medicines in the Community: Medicines Support Workshop Report.” “ The Frailty Information Pack” “ Keeping Well at Home,” “Keeping Well this Winter” and “ The Delirium Leaflet.” In addition the working group has been consulted about a number of projects and issues including: The Lived Experience Barometer, The Rockwood Frailty Index, The Framework for Resilience, Living Well at Home and members have also been invited to a number of National Meetings and Conferences.


The unexpected pandemic affected our work programme considerably stopping face to face meetings and events but it has also inadvertently raised many issues for us to consider. The long term effects of Covid, especially, mental health, testing, vaccination, care homes, care in the home and access to services has given us an extended work programme for the foreseeable future.


We meet approximately every six weeks so. Why not join us? 

Read the minutes from our last meeting