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The Greater Manchester Older People's Network holds quarterly events based on themes decided upon by our network members. After each event that we hold, we bring together a report outlining the network's key concerns and priorities and then make recommendations based on these. Here you will find all of the reports and recommendations that we have published so far. 

  • + Age Proud: Exploring Positive Ageing

    The GMOPN are excited to publish our new report, Age Proud: Exploring Positive Ageing. Thank you to those of you who attended our Age Proud Event in October 2019 and contributed to our findings. Join us in building an Age Proud Movement in Greater Manchester! 

    Age proud report cover for website.jpeg
  • + Development Survey Report 2019

    This report is based on the findings from the development survey we conducted in 2019 to enable us to find out priorities for older people in Greater Manchester. The findings from the survey will be used to guide our development going forward. 

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  • + Championing the Voices of Older People in Greater Manchester: A Guide to Participation

    This Guide to Participation is a report based on the findings of the GMOPN events held in Leigh and central Manchester, in May 2019. The report reflects wide-ranging discussions and makes recommendations to ensure good participation for older people in relation to attitude, process and practicalities.  Our report and recommendations will be used to inform future participation opportunities delivered by the GMOPN and shared with organisations working with or wanting to engage with older people to ensure that people are engaged with on their own terms and in a meaningful way.

  • +  Insights and Recommendations Booklet

    Our Insights and Recommendations Booklet brings together all of the recommendations that we’ve developed through our events and reports, reflecting the views and priorities of older people in Greater Manchester.

    We will continue to add to the document as we hold more events and produce new reports and recommendations. 

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  • + Celebrating the Greater Manchester Older People's Network: Where are we now and where are we going?

    On 8 January 2019, the Greater Manchester Older People's Network held an event, to celebrate everything that the network has acheived so far and to set a campaigning agenda for the coming year. To find out more information about the event and to view photos, presentations and videos from the day, click to read the report below.

  • + The NHS at 70: Time for an age-friendly Health and Social Care system

    This is a report based on the findings of our Health and Social Care event held in May 2018. The report reflects wide-ranging discussions and makes recommendations for improvements and changes in order to ensure an age-friendly health and social care system. Some of the questions that came out of the workshop at the Health and Social Care event, but were not put forward to the panel members, were sent to the Health and Social Care Partnership. Click here to read their responses.

  • + Age-Friendly Transport in Greater Manchester - Are we getting there?

    The report based on the findings from this conference makes 10 recommendations which we believe will support the development of a more age-friendly transport system in Greater Manchester. The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network would hope to continue to work with the combined authority, Transport for Greater Manchester and other providers to help translate some of these recommendations into action.

  • + Greater Manchester Older People’s Network - Me and My Home: Our Housing Manifesto

    Our Housing Manifesto has come out of our own experience and a workshop with Ambition for Ageing’s Greater Manchester Older People’s Network, MACC and Care and Repair England who support action by older people’s groups to improve housing and related services for an ageing population. Participants were older people from across Greater Manchester who are keen to see their aspirations incorporated into housing and integration strategies across Greater Manchester.


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