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+ The Greater Manchester Older People's Mental Health Network

Welcome to the Greater Manchester Older People’s Mental Health Network!


The purpose of our network is to ensure the voice of older people with lived experience of mental health are able to use their experiences to influence the transformation of mental health support across Greater Manchester.


We are here to join up existing networks and recruit individual members to act as experts by experience and leaders to inform issues around age-appropriateness, awareness, language, stigma, access and interventions. We aim to support and empower individuals and will be providing lived experience expertise to various projects across Greater Manchester such as complex emotional needs, eating disorders and self-harm.


If you would like to learn more or be involved, please email

Our network launch event is on March 2nd 2023 at 13:45 – 16:30 at the St. Thomas Centre. As spaces are limited, please register your place by calling 0161 834 9823, or via this free registration link:

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