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The Equalities Board of Ambition for Ageing was a group of older people and community organisations with knowledge about inequality from life or work, supported by a small team of staff. The Equalities Board met regularly from 2016 to 2020. It learned about inequality and ageing, advised the AfA programme on equalities issues, and produced reports and learning materials about equality and ageing. This is a resources page to read documents and reports produced by the Equalities Board, and a quick and easy way to access an index of key terms. You can read and download these here.

Why and how to use the Equalities Board publications

  • The Equalities Board publications are here to help Greater Manchester Older People’s Network advocacy work

  • They can help you increase your knowledge about inequality

  • They can help you educate others about inequality and the importance of equalities work to end social isolation of older people

  • They can give you evidence to help you to strengthen your case when trying to make policies and communities age-friendly for all older people

The Equalities Board also made simpler summaries of all of its research and reports. This was so that they could be accessed by people who might find it difficult to read the long reports. Many people find long reports difficult to read because of visual impairment, low literacy, learning disabilities, dementia, or many other reasons. Simpler summaries make the important information available to more people.

Index of Report

How to Work Inclusively to Make Communities Age-Friendly

This is a short briefing paper about what the Equalities Board learned from doing equalities reviews of the Ambition for Ageing programme:

Mapping and Working with Marginalised Communities

This is a workbook for helping community development workers and communities involved in co-design to identify marginalised communities in their neighbourhoods and the best ways to reach them:

"Ageing Equally?" Research Projects by Equalities Board members:

These reports provide interesting insights into the lives and experiences of people in minority communities:

Simpler Summaries:

Value of Small Community-Led Equality Research Projects:

This is about what the Equalities Board learned about supporting Equalities Board member organisations to do equalities research for the AfA Ageing Equally? programme:

Equalities Board Research Reports 2018:

Reports by five Equalities Board member organisations on issues important to them:

Simpler Summaries:

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