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+ What We Do

We get together to hold big conversations

We campaign for change

We offer opportunities to participate

We produce reports and resources

+ How we do it



We have over 430 members.  Our network is made up of both individual older people aged 50 and over and organisational representatives. 

Our membership continues to grow and increased by 60% in 2019.  We have Working Groups made up of members to address issues within areas of Transport, Housing and Health & Social Care, as well as a Steering Group of representatives for each Borough.



In 2019 we focused on growing our membership and becoming more representative and inclusive. 

We did this by:

  •  Attending various older people's fairs in Bolton, Rochdale and Trafford

  • Holding one of our participation events in Leigh in 2019

  • Starting to work with the Equalities Board to make sure we are as inclusive as possible

2020 and the challenges it brought was much more about supporting our existing membership.  We hope to resume this outreach activity as soon as we can.

Enjoying a Tablet

Social Media Influence

GMOPN first joined Twitter in June 2018 and since then we have gained over 1000 followers. We use Twitter as a way to connect with people and organisations who work with older people, sharing information about the work that we do and to raise our profile.

We have also recently joined Facebook as a way to engage further with our network



We have worked with and developed strong partnerships with a range of organisations, including:

  • Transport for Greater Manchester

  • University of Manchester

  • Care and Repair England

  • GM Health and Social Care Partnership

In March 2019 we won a NAVCA award for Campaigning and Advocacy, recognising the work we have done to support older people to have a voice in Greater Manchester!

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