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Greater Manchester Equality Panels have been established to advise, support and challenge Greater Manchester’s political leaders and policy-makers to tackle the discrimination and disadvantage that cause injustice and inequality in society, and champion Greater Manchester as an inclusive city-region.

They do this by working together with the GMCA and and its partners.

The Older People’s Equality Panel is one of seven equality panels established and funded by the GMCA.

The GM Older People’s Equality Panel will:

  • Ensure that Greater Manchester’s political leaders and public bodies are more informed about how their decision making impacts older people in different communities or circumstances, allowing for more effective policy and services.

  • Build positive relationships with communities and neighbourhood groups in each borough to identify strengths, listen to older people and share key messages.

  • Make key contributions to the development of GM wide policies, programmes and services so that they can work successfully for older people within different communities.

Older People's panel logo.png
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