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+ This is What an Activist Looks Like training programme

The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network has so many active members who are doing so much to get older people’s voices heard, celebrate older people’s contributions and challenge ageism. We wanted to help you to do this even better and to inspire others to do the same. 

Do you like making a difference?

Do you like working with others to make things better for your communities? 

Do you want to take your activism to the next level?

Members joined our programme and got to know other like-minded individuals who wanted to learn new skills and meet others who are positive about making change happen and inspiring others.

This programme was facilitated by skilled and experienced trainers from Greater Manchester and was fully funded through Ambition for Ageing and the Lottery. The programme was free to attend to any residents of Greater Manchester aged 50+.

There were 3 sessions in the programme to equip members with a suite of skills that really helped them to get their voices heard, advocate for others and make change in their communities for the better.

All the training was inclusive and participative – we all learned from each other and it didn’t matter how much experience the members had.

The three sessions were as follows:

Session 1: Making your voice heard: presenting skills

Whether you are attending a local meeting, speaking to your MP or even being interviewed by a journalist: the same top tricks can be used to make sure you get your point of view across in a powerful and engaging way. Join the Talking About My Generation team as they host a training workshop on presenting skills, covering:

  • Building confidence and addressing any concerns that may act as barriers to speaking out

  • Understanding how to prepare your key messages for any speaking opportunity 

  • Understand how the ABC technique can help us deal with challenging questions

Session 2: Helping others get their voice heard - Facilitating inclusive conversations

In this session you will:


  • Explore what we mean by ‘facilitating inclusive conversations’ and the skills needed

  • Think about how to draw out the opinions and ideas of group members

  • Reflect on what’s different when we’re working online


This session is facilitated by Sarah Forster (Facilitator, Trainer and Consultant)

Session 3: Working together - Understanding group dynamics for effective collaboration

In this session you will explore group dynamics and understand more about the invisible factors behind collaboration which can help us all be more effective activists and influencers. This session will be facilitated by Amity CIC


There was also an opportunity for some of those attending the training to attend a co-production session to design their own 'This is what An Activist Looks like' training session and to deliver this as a pilot to others later in the year using some of the skills they have developed.

The online sessions took place in January and February 2022.​

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