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+ Keeping well this winter

Building on the success of the Keeping Well at Home Booklet, The Greater Manchester Older People’s Network was part of a collaboration led by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority Ageing Hub, to develop the Keeping Well this Winter campaign to support older residents in Greater Manchester with practical information to keep safe and well this winter. 


As we continue to live with Covid-19, the campaign resources were designed both to support older people directly and to support and mobilise frontline staff across our services and communities to ‘talk about keeping well this winter’.


The Keeping Well this Winter booklet is a resource designed to bring together important information to support older people during this period.  It is recognised that many older people are digitally excluded and 140,000 copies were printed for distribution across the Greater Manchester boroughs. Each borough developed their own strategy for distribution. Please see the contact details at the bottom of this page if you would like a copy of the booklet. (Salford, through Inspiring Communities Together, developed its own version of the booklet which was distributed locally).


short film (3 mins, produced by older people) was also created, with the support of Talking about My Generation featuring some of our members. Finally, there is a  talking tips guide (2 pages) sharing key messages for frontline staff, volunteers and the public, designed to encourage conversations about ‘Keeping Well this Winter’. 


Our network members have been involved at all stages of the campaign, from  developing and reviewing the content, to distributing the booklet in their local areas. This is such an important resource for older people in Greater Manchester and is one of the key ways that the Greater Manchester Older People’s Network is making a real difference in these challenging times.



+ How to order

If you are part of an organisation who would like to distribute copies of the printed booklets to older people in Greater Manchester, you can request large quantities (minimum order 600) by contacting the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub. Please contact  

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